I am currently a member of the Crowds + Machines (CroMa) Lab at the University of Michigan, working with Professor Walter S. Lasecki. My research is in human-computer interaction (HCI), with a focus on intelligent communication systems and accessibility. My research projects have dealt with: object segmentation for robotic control, building intelligent communication systems, and providing accessibility for interactions with virtual personal assistants. The projects and publications I have worked on are listed below. More info on CroMa Lab here!

Current Projects

My current project studies methods to extract and integrate human feedback into a reinforcement learning agent. We use the Atari games learning environment to initially test our feeedback mechanisms, but we expect our methods to generalize to more realistic and practical domains as well.

A second project explores tool-assisted delegation for smarter tasking within common online communication mediums, i.e., email, Slack, and other instant messaging platforms.


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